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Wednesday, 27 February 2013

The love to give..

When I think of the past. The work on them.. As a team. I miss them. It s just such a waste. . . To have them
Bond and now moving in separate entities. I guess this is what happened when things changes..
New rules, new teachers, new leaders, new students, new people new methods
So when one element changes, the chemistry bonding which was once there changed too.
Why is it the heart still misses .. Why do I still care. Why I miss them.. Perhaps it's love. The love to give willingly. Freely . Unconditionally. I may ask. I may do it. Cause... It's not about winning.. It's just I want to be there for them. It's what I feel doing.. Even if I am no longer there. I am still the hopeful cheerleader wishing they do well. I believe nothing will ever go to waste. It's pink! Pink with victory!

Wednesday, 23 January 2013

it's time

Yeap i think it's time i start moving.
no more stopping down, i am behind for 2 weeks...
well i do feel guilty.. for being slow and disappearing.

i've been thinking.
things just get more different... not tougher..
more filling, documentation, more preparation and more teaching periods.
more classes .....
more changes......
more adaptation.......

do i like it? ...not really.
it's challenging.... however not easy to get it done.

so many things to do -.-
so little time to squeeze it in.....
>.< really A Personal Assistant is what i need.

sometimes too many paper work, too many preparations to make...
as for the next 3 or 6 months, it is going to be Hectic!
despite being hectic. i must keep a positive mind.

even though i have my holidays... sometimes.... i can't plan because of the last minute changes requires by my work.
- it's boring = when i don't have work
- it's quiet =  when i am free and single
- it's empty = when no one is at home
- it's disturbing  = when the old ones are giving suggestions
- it's frustrating = when i expects people to understand about my work

plan for the future? Actually I do.. however i live each day as I breathe.

What if I don't have tomorrow? ........ so be it, no regrets. we all have our roles and responsibilities.  I done all I need as I breathe each second. :-)
Happy  2013.

Wednesday, 16 January 2013


Sometimes in life..
We get what we want. Sometimes we get what wish . Sometimes just the other way around... Sometimes this has never even been in your thoughts at all. I don't remember wishing I got such a wonderful blessing from God. I am still thinking is this Just a blessings in disguise which I should utilize properly by getting the necessary rest before I start speeding towards life . Speeding... Yes of all my life I still felt I am speeding all the time. The one when I really did slow down is when I am on mc! This is just the start of my 2013. TIME waits for no man... How have I Been left behind??

Friday, 4 January 2013


when i want.... i don't get.
when i least expects. i got it.

today once i reached school ...
a boy came over and asked me teacher, when is training?

i told him: hey, i am not in charge for school team anymore..
boy: then? what you doing? who is in charge?
me: another teacher. i am under another club....
boy: why always change?
me: how do i know.? the school decides one...

in the end.... i still felt frustrated....
do i stop now?
perhaps no... just maybe the stress of holding and bringing back the trophies now doesn't fall on me.
i have other battles which i need to win this year...
maybe basketball is just my play leisure. my destress zone.

i have new students and of course the troublesome one....
given new duties...

secretarial titles....
aerobics club...( as long as i don't work on weekend)
choir club.... (i don;t even play any instruments for sure....)
work collegues changes too...

even if i want to remain constant for 2 years...
there are always new faces, new friends and new collegues...
teaching has to go on.
for the time being...
i still swim here.
perhaps ...
my last third year.
what i will gain again by end of 2013..

Act: i am happy the boy still remembers me.:-) as the teacher for school team:-)

Monday, 24 December 2012

Fun in genting!

My getaway to Genting. It was fun! Exhilarating and of course crazy!! Spontaneous and peaceful too. It was a worthwhile trip .Though only a day , fun
Fun fun. 2o13 : my year of transformation. Merry Christmas and Hsppy New year. Dragon babies , waiting to meet you soon! I wonder how adorable they become:-)

Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Josh Turner - Time Is Love

Work soon.
a good song to start each day.
good mood~~

Bearie tigger

My tigger!