My Song

Wednesday, 27 February 2013

The love to give..

When I think of the past. The work on them.. As a team. I miss them. It s just such a waste. . . To have them
Bond and now moving in separate entities. I guess this is what happened when things changes..
New rules, new teachers, new leaders, new students, new people new methods
So when one element changes, the chemistry bonding which was once there changed too.
Why is it the heart still misses .. Why do I still care. Why I miss them.. Perhaps it's love. The love to give willingly. Freely . Unconditionally. I may ask. I may do it. Cause... It's not about winning.. It's just I want to be there for them. It's what I feel doing.. Even if I am no longer there. I am still the hopeful cheerleader wishing they do well. I believe nothing will ever go to waste. It's pink! Pink with victory!

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