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Wednesday, 23 January 2013

it's time

Yeap i think it's time i start moving.
no more stopping down, i am behind for 2 weeks...
well i do feel guilty.. for being slow and disappearing.

i've been thinking.
things just get more different... not tougher..
more filling, documentation, more preparation and more teaching periods.
more classes .....
more changes......
more adaptation.......

do i like it? ...not really.
it's challenging.... however not easy to get it done.

so many things to do -.-
so little time to squeeze it in.....
>.< really A Personal Assistant is what i need.

sometimes too many paper work, too many preparations to make...
as for the next 3 or 6 months, it is going to be Hectic!
despite being hectic. i must keep a positive mind.

even though i have my holidays... sometimes.... i can't plan because of the last minute changes requires by my work.
- it's boring = when i don't have work
- it's quiet =  when i am free and single
- it's empty = when no one is at home
- it's disturbing  = when the old ones are giving suggestions
- it's frustrating = when i expects people to understand about my work

plan for the future? Actually I do.. however i live each day as I breathe.

What if I don't have tomorrow? ........ so be it, no regrets. we all have our roles and responsibilities.  I done all I need as I breathe each second. :-)
Happy  2013.

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